Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why do I get the shakes when I coupon?

                   Sometime last month I mentioned I was going to not spend any money, well I kinda failed at that. But I did deal search and only paid 62 cents for 3 packs of tp & 3 things of dish soap I also scored a few free items. But now I have a mini stock pile and I have no desire to be a hoarder I am already getting kind-of close to one. So as crazy as this will sound to stockpiling moms I am going to not buy any tp, dish soap or shampoo in March. I like the deals I get couponing but I hate how crazy it makes me! I always seem to start shaking and getting confused when it comes time to check out, I also drove 20 miles to get free finish. I saved $184.00 yesterday and spent around $60 not including the crazy gas prices! But now I have 3 boxes of finish, 1 bottle of cascade, 9 bottles of dish liq, 4 packs of tp & well over 300 diapers (I only paid around to $26 for all of those items) But I am looking a bit crazy and running out of room. I also have to find a way to get my husband to stop spending so much. I swear him going to work cost more than he gets paid, between gas, lunch and him smoking he seems to spend close to $100 a week. In March we have a 1st birthday party to plan then Easter for 4 kids and after Easter we will have another b-day. Plus I have a $600.00 power bill to pay I am not sure why it is even that high because the heat wasn't even on half the month when the stupid breaker blew. But after Sunday I Have to stop spending and start saving for a vacation ,we haven't had one in over two years. Do any of you coupon? Does it make you crazy or is it just me? 

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  1. I only buy items that we will use, because we are a house of 6 plus we always have 2 or more extra kids running around but gosh it still makes me "Crazier" as my husband says. lol