Monday, January 23, 2012

No cell phones in 2012!!

         Yes the world may have  to come to a stop because I lost my iPOSphone on Friday. I did cry and throw a few things on the floor while searching for it but I have yet to completely die from not having it. I have had a cell phone for over 14 years now and while I do tend to lose them I never have for more than a few hours. This weekend without a mobile device I discovered I have no clue what the date or time is without a phone, I do not know any ones phone number and obviously use my phone to calculate and take pictures of everything. I have no clue how I would survive if I had to carry around a calender, address book, camera, flash light, and wear a watch 24/7. Did you know they don't even have pay phones anymore?!?! I almost went crazy when I had the baby at the movies and had no clue where H was or a way to entertain the crying child. We also had our current home phone die on us and I just picked up a basic corded phone without caller id. Everyone answers the phone around out home so much nicer now but I kind of hate not knowing if we missed any calls while we are gone. I had my heart on a vintage yellow phone that had been sitting in a thrift stop for months but the day I went to buy it the seller took it back home with him. I really want to find a wall one instead of a desk top type. Maybe today is the day I will find it. I just really hope it didn't throw it in the trash while cleaning off the table that night. Maybe I should just buy this sweet phone and solve all my problems.
Crosley Phone 

Friday, January 13, 2012

1st post

           I hate using the title 1st post because I have done over 10 "1st post". But here is a rough draft of what you might see here. I am Lynz, wife of 1 mother of many. We just lost our home due to the economy and are starting over in a tiny little 1,400 sq ft home that needs a whole lot of TLC. I pretty much suck at any kind of bloggyland kind-of thing. I have a family blog, etsy blog and just a random sappy about me blog. But one think I think I am pretty good at is Junkin'. I don't do it because Vintage is "in" I do it because I am cheap, very cheap. I love handed down items, free stuff, kitchen things, pink, aqua, silver and anything that reminds me of being a child. So here I will post my junked items and stories of our home un-renovation because I needs a little help getting back to how it once was. Here I will post a ton of pictures, because whats a good story without photos? I will show some of my scores and things I wish I wasn't to cheap to buy. Hope you enjoy and join with Google friend connect.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How and when to Break-up

       I know I am not the seeker of all truths or anything but some people really confuse me. You know how when your life long friend lies to you and you trash her whole way of life? (Guilty) Or when two people split up and you tell your bff that you never liked that sorry excuse for a guy anyway. Why do we do that? I have seen it get pretty darn ugly. Things like telling the cops they do drugs, getting them fired, busting all the air out of their tires. 

      I think of it like this. If it was a good friend you had to know she was like that anyway, so stop talking to her and if she never calls you back than good riddance. If it was a relationship that's when things get kind-of tricky. We all start fights and break-up for stupid reasons. You are not perfect, he is not perfect, maybe that's why you get along. But what are some of those reasons. I have a small list of a few reasons and solutions. 

1. You are looking for a reason he is not right. Facebook stalking, driving by his work, asking about some "girl". 
Why?!?! Do you know he cheated? Do you need proof? Ask him! and if he did pack his shit and change your #.

2. Little things. Toilet seats, tooth paste, dishes, trash. 
Are you Martha Stewart?!?! Does he bitch about your make-up all over the phone, shoes taking over the closet, headbands and ponytail holders all over the house? No?!? Then shut-it, close-it, wash-em and take it out. 

3. But "We never see each other". Crying Because you never spend time together?!?!
Are you 13??!?! Most adults have a job, bills to pay and children! So between little Johnny's football practice
and working 7-4 not including the time to get home he never gets time to himself much-less you.

4. He "changed". Looks, actions, weight, clothing, mood.
Have you looked in the mirror honey??!? I don't know about you but after 15 years, 4 kids and a year of hell, I sure have! I look like and old maid, am lazy as a cow, dress like one of those before shots on What not to Wear and am pretty much a B* 24/7.

5. He did it! Cheated, hit you, sold the car without asking, took all your money and ran, etc.
Then knock his ass down and call 911. Then after they pick up his stupid ass. Press charges, show up in court and move far a away. Never talk to his stupid ass again. Never! If you have kids go to court tell them what happened and they will work the situation out to figure out the best plan for the children. But do not stand up for him. 

Either way the situation goes, don't be stupid. Petty fights, name calling, running off with the "new guy" it's all dumb. If you have kids, your children will remember it. They Can her you and know who you are talking about. The next idiot will not be perfect he will still leave the seat up. That "newness" will ware off and you will be stuck with another idiot. 

*This was a post of of humor meant for those crazy single gals of mine who just can't find the one price charming in tin foil.*
However abuse is not a joke and if you or someone you know is dealing with abuse please call your local DHR, police or for help. 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

I really want to blog...

But really I have Nothing to say. Who really wants to hear about how kid #4 has been sick for days and I haven't slept or showered in days. All I do it bitch and cry about bs in my everyday life. I want to stop that. So everyone(all 23 of you who might see this) please share with me your writing prompts or favorite link up/share blogs. Thanks in advance!

Monday, January 2, 2012


I have spent 27 years...(I think) trying to figure out who I am.

The truth is I have no f'ing clue! I could list facts about myself all day but there is enough of that over here.
I was divorced once in '05 and my #1 phrase to run with was I had to find "me" again. But the problem is "me" has gotten older, lazier, and fatter. And the old "me" is lost. I have this I don't care attitude about everything. I think that is just me resorting to being 13 again. I care, hell I care a little too much. I just hope everyone knows that. I don't think I have and will say it out loud to anyone. Except my kids. I don't feel close to anyone but them and after this year I am afraid to be close to anyone. I have no clue what this post is supposed to say/mean. I guess I will take a shop at finding "me" one more time. If I fail in 2012. Screw it.