Sunday, June 26, 2011


    Well as many blogs are different some are  for families, crafts, giveaways, business and some are just hodgepodge I kind feel mine is great hodgepodge. No real history or depth to who I am and what I am doing. Truth is I have no clue what I am doing. I want to find a direction a purpose with this lil thing called a blog. But how does one do that? I have zero time and zero writing skills. I guess I will start with a depth to me. I have no clue who I really am anymore.

        I am a mother of four children, I am a wife and a best friend I guess that's enough for most people. I am so mixed-up mashed-up most days, I have no clue how old I am or what color my hair is that day. I have never really fit in one group, all of my friends are different which seems normal to me until I watch a show or a movie with that group of 5-6 females that are all friends and seem to know everything about each other. I have no clue what that is like kind-of scared to ever find that one out. I feel like I have seen and experienced more than I should have at my age. I was born in a small town, spent my summers on a farm but still get called "citified" due to the fact I was raised in the city, most people say I am the most un-southern person they know, and I Still  get asked where am I from when I go anywhere in the south, which is really odd to me. Because I drink the hell out of some sweet-tea, swim in the lake and wear jeans and flip flops on Christmas. But I do not own a pair of overalls always, wear shoes outside of the house and visit the dentist every six moths. Just so you know there is a big line between redneck and southern. I do not want to be "country" but I do appreciate the open fields, dirt roads and stars in the sky. I am a big do-it-yourself-er, I hate asking for help. I am as cheap as they come, not due to money but due to the fact I know how things are made and would rather make it myself. I am into any thing vintage and hate people who don't get it. I would rather drive a 1954 Ford than a new Acura or BMW any day. I am not big on family, not sure why, I have always been like this even before my mother passed away. I talk wayy to much, I takes time to get me talking but when I do I never shut up. I dislike people who take sides on things they have no clue about and now I feel like I just wrote a personals ad. So yeah... that's me in one little post. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

What's going on..

I haven't been here in months, I shut down my shop over a month ago. I haven't been on twitter or facebook as much as I was before.  I would like to say it is because I have been busy packing or working on other things but I can't. I have just been a lazy/detracted mood. So much has been going on but I have just stood here and watched things pass me by. I am always too tired to even get dressed anymore and I know that's a sign of depression but I am not as much as depressed as I am overwhelmed. In one month my whole world has been flipped over and I still haven't figured it all out. Before my mom had passed I found a home, but I wasn't sure if we could get it due to time and money but we did and it is over 100 miles from where we are now. I am excited and very nervous all at the same time. I HATE moving and giving things away. When I was a kid we moved all the time so now I have none of my childhood things due to yard sales. I said I would never do that to my kids things, but some of this stuff is just taking up space. I also hate making the kids transfer schools, my oldest would be in a new school this year anyway so she is taking it okay but my second grader is pretty upset about it all. The new place is smaller and the boys will have to share a room, it is also an older home and will need much renovation. But that is one of those things I LOVE to do.  I am hoping my new post will be of me and some new keys in my hand. Until then I better back I have 11 days to pack 11 rooms and all the outside toys. Great fun...