Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June junkin' under $20

I may have a problem....

Not many people know this but I am addicted to Junking. I have to force my self to keep driving when I see a yard sale. Which is one of the reasons I started Junkin under $20. I had set a limit because I buy wayyy too much stuff.

Case in point, why do I need all these empty canisters?? It all started when I was on a hunt for Khromex brand canisters and I got a pair close to what I wanted on day one. But then I kept finding them and had to have them all.
So now I have set myself to a under $20 a month limit (until I can sell some stuff and empty out my storage room). So here is my Junkin' under $20 for June.
On June 2nd it was yardsale day and I didn't go far from home due to the kids had a birthday to go to. Yet I did find all of this great stuff right down the road.

 I got the Theadore, 4 tins and another elf guy at a yard sale for all for 25 cents each. Lily loves the chipmunks and I have a thing for tins. Then I went to a storage room of a man that re-sellls things he finds at yard and lot sales. I didn't find anything but a record, oldly enough it was The Urban Chipmunk. I died! Two great things together. He had a buck each on the boxes of records but gave me that one for free! Then on the way home I see and Estate sale sign on the road I live on. So I stopped by, it was very odd. I have never been to an estate sale before. I talked to the lady, seeing how she was pretty much a neighbor to me, she said she was just selling everything to remodel her home. They even had thier current home phone for sale. But I didn't see much there so I picked up the paintings of the three girls for 25 cents. Then as I left I saw this old dryer going in a goodwill box and asked if it worked. She found a plug and it came on like it was used yesterday.

Later that week my youngest son had an appointment " in town" and we stopped by Goodwill on the way home, I found an apple green pyrex pie dish that didn't look to well but fair for the price and these sweet chairs!
Needless to say they are currently in the room with me but they are stacked up not being used yet. :(
I hope to find a good spot for them tonight and then use them like they should be. Well that's all for this month. Happy Junkin'!

Tins 4 x .25= 1.00
Theadore         .25
elf friend          .25
record  free     .00
hair dryer      1.00
girls 3x.25=     .75
pyrex              1.99
chair              4.99
chair              4.99
June Total!!  15.22                 

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Where in the Hell have you been??

 I get that a lot, seems no one is ever looking for you unless you are doing something else. But for the past 13 weeks on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday I have been skating my heart out. For why you may ask... Well for the past few years I have been starring at these little fliers like a lost puppy wishing it could read.
Poster from the week I started

So on March 14th I went to Looney's to see what it was all about. I felt like and idiot, I asked myself, why was I here? I thought I could skate well but this had nothing to do with skating to your favorite song with the wind in your hair. This was serious, this was hard, this was scary, This was fun! I have never done organized sports before. I am not use to playing with a team. But I loved to skate. So when I would think about joining it was always one of those, "before I die" things. I looked like such a fool at my first practice. It was really last minute and I wasn't sure if I had a sitter.
That it that night and came home with my legs in the worse pain ever! I stayed up with ice packs and peas on my legs till the sun came up.

Bottom right with Jeans on!
For the next 3 days I was hunting down skates and gear, waiting for my skates to come was like waiting on Christmas. My skates came on the day of the next practice. By then I was like, I have to go!
My local derby team is/was pretty small and doesn't have a huge turn out on open recruitment like some teams do, which is a good thing because you don't have to worry if you "make the cut". You can take the time to learn how to skate, stop and fall correctly. With RRR you start out as a maggot and learn basic skills and safety. Then after you feel ready you can take the maggot to meat test to become fresh meat. At that level you will work on more blocker/jammer positioning and scrimmages. But you still have a few more months to go until you make it to an official Roller Girl. I will cover that as I progress. Until then find your local team and go support your local roller derby!