Monday, February 28, 2011

Just Jump?!?

                I have a problem I never finish anything! I have an office that is so full of supplies that you would think I was super crafty. Well am I kind-of crafty but I never make more than two of everything for my girls then I start on a new project. I always get stopped when one of the girls has on a bow or something that I have made but I don't think I enjoy making them. I have done tons of other crafts and I am pretty sure everyone on my daughters school friends has something that I have made them. So I had tossed around the idea of starting an Etsy page but for some reason I never did. I always make a banner, think of a name and take tons of photos but never hit SELL. But today I did, I only posted two things because I pretty much just customize other things for now. I have had a few friends and family members ask how to buy items from me but I had no secure way to tell them. So now I am up and running, I feel like I am my biggest critic though so I am not sharing it here. I just wanted to tell someone..  

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why do I get the shakes when I coupon?

                   Sometime last month I mentioned I was going to not spend any money, well I kinda failed at that. But I did deal search and only paid 62 cents for 3 packs of tp & 3 things of dish soap I also scored a few free items. But now I have a mini stock pile and I have no desire to be a hoarder I am already getting kind-of close to one. So as crazy as this will sound to stockpiling moms I am going to not buy any tp, dish soap or shampoo in March. I like the deals I get couponing but I hate how crazy it makes me! I always seem to start shaking and getting confused when it comes time to check out, I also drove 20 miles to get free finish. I saved $184.00 yesterday and spent around $60 not including the crazy gas prices! But now I have 3 boxes of finish, 1 bottle of cascade, 9 bottles of dish liq, 4 packs of tp & well over 300 diapers (I only paid around to $26 for all of those items) But I am looking a bit crazy and running out of room. I also have to find a way to get my husband to stop spending so much. I swear him going to work cost more than he gets paid, between gas, lunch and him smoking he seems to spend close to $100 a week. In March we have a 1st birthday party to plan then Easter for 4 kids and after Easter we will have another b-day. Plus I have a $600.00 power bill to pay I am not sure why it is even that high because the heat wasn't even on half the month when the stupid breaker blew. But after Sunday I Have to stop spending and start saving for a vacation ,we haven't had one in over two years. Do any of you coupon? Does it make you crazy or is it just me? 

Friday, February 25, 2011

Sit Down and Shut up!

             In Jr high I was nicked named Chatty Cathy but now I only talk/yell to the dryer and the dog.... It is all kinda sad. This week I have nothing at all to post about, I was going to make some big crazy protest about the nonsense I heard on a radio show that said women who wear sweats and tees don't care about their relationship anymore but I am pretty sure I have stomped down that road before. Yet my husband agreed and that's just a whole other fight waiting to happen. But I don't wear "sweats" so they can all stfu. I think I am now too pissed off to post.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Never gonna give up....

        Seeing how no one reads this page anyway I am going to talk to myself in this one. 
 I have only one month to do over 1,000 things. Sad thing is I am doing them all on my own. Yes I don't have a paying job away from home but I so get tired and burnt out really quickly, I don't know if it is the PTLS or weight gain after it but I can't do anything like I used to. I am going to have to break this really long list into weeks. 
Week #1: Rewash and tag items for consignment 
                Clean out office again!
                Find boxes
                Set  up etsy shop
                Clean out kitchen cabinets

Week #2 Plan and send out invites for ds b-day
                Buy gifts for b-day
                Start cleaning the pool (must be done by week 3)
                Paint room & dresser
Week#3 Buy new bed for ds room,set-up
              Make party decor
              Teach ds how to walk
              Pick up left over items from sale, donate 
              Buy new couch
Week#4 Clean. clean, cook, cook,cook, run, run, run and try not to hurt anyone in the process. 

*I must also lose this extra 20lbs I have carried around all year.*

Thursday, February 17, 2011


                   I am not a "Blogger" I would if anything call myself a "Twitter-er". But I do read several blogs about a large variety of things; food, vintage finds, crafting, and mommy-hood make up most of the blogs I read. I am honestly not a fan of some of the "Mom Blogs" (I quote that because some are fun and silly they talk about how a 3 year old smeared red lipstick all over the freshly painted walls and some are just pointless and have followers that think they are a gods just because a few badges on their page.) I know being a non-blogger that a lot of bs comes from freedom of speech and I am not trying to judge anyone here most of my ramblings are my failed attempted at humor. But I came across something today that just ticked me off a little too much. I know we all come from different backgrounds but I am pretty sure we all understood the word Respect in grade school.

                     I was raised to say Yes ma'am , No ma'am, please and thank you to everyone. I still do it today to complete strangers or people who may be younger than me but if they are serving me I will always be courteous.  They have that job not only to make money but to serve you, some people actually even enjoy it. When I was a teen I waited tables and loved it! I wasn't worried about smelling like pizza grease all day. I liked meting new people from different walks of life. This one time I meet a 7 year old girl whose dad was hearing impaired, she taught me more about signing and she was such an awesome little girl. She translated everything for her father even her little brothers hyper 4 year old ramblings. They became regulars it was like seeing family once a week and I already knew what they wanted. But that wasn't why I started waiting tables, it was because I had bills to pay and mommy & daddy were not going to just give me everything I wanted. I was old enough to take care of myself. Even now I am a full time SAHM I am still proud to say I can wait circles around a table. I think it helped shape who I am today. It is also kinda fun once you get the lingo down. But that is not my point here its about how shallowness brings others down, how people can speak of/to waiters, cashiers,auto mechanics, nurses and other blue collar people who bring them food, change their oil or draw their blood? Because I know those are the people that I would not want to be rude to or piss off. So instead of an ugly drama filled comment that ends in random twitter bashing I will just unfollow the blogs of shallow people and shake my head. I will also remind myself why I teach my children to be respectful and that a person is a human with a heart and feelings, they didn't ask for you to judge them because of their job or what age they had a child. I also suggest others to stick to what your grandmother should have taught you... If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all.

              Now I have to leave this post with something less ugly for the rest of your day. 
                                                            One of our lil pups! Say Aww!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I need Help!

              Yes I know your response is, "I'm not a Doctor!" I will find one of them on a later date.
  As I have stated a few times around twitter I am trying to start a handmade business, I have tried to do this a few times but never went anywhere with it. Well now I have to I jumped in head first and I do not want to drown. I am starting a party supplies type business with cards, banners, cake toppers, glassware and more. But I have no clue what to name it. I would really love your suggestions in the comments. I will try to post pictures of some items by the end of this week. Here are some things about me to give you a few ideas.

My nickname is Lou
I love cherries, strawberries, aqua, red, peace signs, hearts, sun, summer, parties, life, cars, cats.
I will be using card stock, vinyl, glassware, bins, boxes, pails. 

 That is about all I can think of right now. I am trying to pick a name by Friday. Thanks for your help!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday???

Yes you are in the right place. I usually post a Wordful Wednesday but this is the current temp inside my house.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Am I the only one?

   So today I unfollowed a person on twitter. I feel kind-of bad but I could honestly careless. I did it for two reasons, #1 everyone thinks she is a blogging god and quite frankly I think she is boring and fake. You know those fake people who are always happy about nothing or always sad yet have everything in the world. And #2 is she has a stupid real name. Yes I have a problem over something so silly but it is true. I have around 7 names that I will not be friends with. The crazy thing is not just one person has screwed the name up every person I have ever met with those names are like that. It kind of reminds me of this>>

Am I the only person like this? I also tend to have a good number of friends with the same name as me or my sisters. People I honestly never even knew their real name until after the fact. Maybe I am just crazy..

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once again PTLsucks!

                    I have posted this once before but some how in the middle of screwing up my blog I lost it. I usually would not re-post a topic but I had a good bit of feed back about it and it is a very close topic to me. Since the original posting on this topic I have talked to many more mothers that have stories very close to mine. Some women did not even think anything about these symptoms due to their Dr telling them it was just PPD or they are getting older. Here is my story:
                  In spring of 2009 I was perfectly healthy at 5'2" & around 150lbs not tiny but active. I had also been a stay at home mom for around 4 years and had a 2 year old so I wasn't out of the house as much as others but I liked to I walk and run sometimes twice a day. From March to September you could find me swimming, tanning and at the park full of energy. I also never had any blood pressure or blood sugar problems. With my first pregnancy I had slight high blood pressure but it was just in the last few weeks. With the next two children I had no problems at all. My third child was born at 40 weeks and 4 days weighing 8lbs and 2oz.
                      In August of 09 I found out I was expecting, I was only worried  about the economy and the fact we have never been very secure with money. But I wasn't worried about the health of the baby due to my last two pregnancies being great. But after 20 weeks I started to have high blood pressure and failed my gestational diabetes test. I managed my blood sugar but the bp didn't really go down. With the stress of baby's health and only one parent working we decided that four is enough. I did some research and knew I wasn't big on taking pills and my insurance wouldn't cover much but it would cover a tubal ligation. I researched Tubal Ligation on Google. I didn't get many bad facts. It was mostly MD sites talking about the process.

I asked my Dr about all of my worries like being able to breastfeed and having problems with my cycle, he assured me it was fine and he does 5 or more a day. So I figured what the heck. I wanted to be able to be with my husband without any worries. I also hate rubbers. I just feel like it is a one night stand or something. I had two friends of mine have their tubes done and they seemed okay. I asked one girl via facebook and she just said she had some cycle problems in the first few months but nothing else. So I went in a few days before I was 37 weeks to have a c-section because my blood pressure was a bit high. The Dr asked me right before if I still wanted to do it and I said yes. ( I am pretty sure you could have asked me if I wanted to name the kid Donald Duck at that time and I would have said yes.) So I went in for the c-section the baby came out healthy but he was a tiny 5lbs 7oz. Then the Dr told H to leave with the baby and they cut and clipped my tubes.
                   I had to go to a recovery room for a little longer than most due to the TL but I made sure the nurses brought me the baby so I could bfeed him. The baby latched but I could not sit up. They took him back and a little later I went to my room. I was given the baby and was all ready to feed him but I became emotional and couldn't feel my legs. They said maybe the spinal block hasn't worn off. I ended up falling asleep and woke up a few hours later and could not move. I took a shower and I seemed to feel a little better. After two days I could sit in a chair but not the bed I was trying to bf and the nurse said he was dropping too much weight and they gave him formula.. I was pissed but in too much pain to care. I couldn't figure out why bc I had already had 2 c-sections with no problems I had been up dressed and walking with others within 24hours. The next day the Dr came in around 6am and told me not carry a diaper bag or purse on my sides but I was looking good. I was lost and still mad about the bfing. A Lactation nurse finally came in as I was getting ready to leave the hospital. She put me on a pump and I pumped some but not like I should be by day 3. I went home with a pump. But wasn't having any luck. I called the Dr and he wouldn't give me meds to increase my breast milk bc they cause depression. Which was another random problem I started to have. I cried all day and night. They even made me leave the hospital with meds but I wouldn't take them. They made me feel lifeless. I had no in between..

                    At my 9wk check up I didn't even see the Dr just a nurse. She said everything looked fine. Yet I was standing right in front of her crying. After 3 months I was still trying to pump but I was having to mix it with formula. I ended up going to a wic office to try a different pump and talk to someone. She said that she has seen many mothers who could not bf at all after TL. So it wasn't just me. I was still only getting 2oz every 2/3 hours and pumping was killing me I had to take care of the other kids and wanted some sleep. I went out of town and forgot a part to my pump. Then it was over. By the time I made it home nothing was happening. I hated it and how stressed I was over it. I also still had a cycle, it was very painful I had never had cramps or anything like it. I figured after I stopped bfing I would feel better emotionally but I didn't I had cramps that lasted a week before and during af. I would find myself eating and taking everything to control the cramps and af. Nothing was working. I literally could not sit up for weeks at a time. My hair was still falling out much more than it ever had. I also never lost a pound. I was still the same weight as I was at 37wks. I felt  bad that I had to take those rx pills just to leave the house. I felt so dis-attached from the baby. I hated my husband and could careless about my house, paying bills or anything. I hated it!

                     Then I started researching tubal reversals and found this site about PTLS (Post Tubal Ligation Syndrome).As I went down the list it all sounded too familiar it wasn't the only site after I searched for PTLS I also found tons of message boards with women asking the same questions I had. I related to over 40 symptoms on that list. Here are just a few I  have every day at 10months pp; hair loss, gums bleeding, headache, dizziness, chills, hot flashes, random rapid heart rate, fatigue even after a full nights sleep, memory loss and constant breast tenderness. I have also personally had my fillings fall out that I had gotten less than a year before. I have constant pain in my bones, RLS, pain in my ears; which I only ever had with pregnancy and problems with my blood sugar, I have sudden burst of sadness or rage which is really scary. I also had people say those are just symptoms of pms or stress. But what happened to me? I didn't even know who I was anymore. I know of one mother who gained over 200lbs after hers, one mother who had to see several Drs because she felt dis-attached from her family and didn't want to harm them, another mother who has also gained several pounds and is constantly uneasy about various issues and she finds herself waking up and worrying about things so much that it has caused problems with her family. Some have spoken to Drs some have insurance that will not allow you to see a OB after the procedure. I really wish I would have not done it I am currently not on medication but seeing and speaking to various people. Yet if I ever get the money I will have a reversal.  
*This is all just my opinion and story*

*Sorry this was so long I could probably write a book*


I don't wanna grow up...

                      Tomorrow is my husbands birthday which means 6 months from today will be mine. I honestly dread birthdays, especially my own. Its not so much the getting older part but its the gifts, stress, sadness and drama that comes with birthdays. I always try to make a big deal with the kids and my husbands birthday, we usually just stay at home but I always decorate and cook the persons favorite dinner and a cake. But it never fails to stress me out to the max. I don't care if I start planning 6 months ahead of time. By the end of it all I am sad because I end up forgetting about things like cards or taking pictures on the child's actual birthday. I also hate buying and receiving gifts. I try to keep a set number of items for each child , plus my older two have birthdays about two months before Christmas. No matter how hard I try I end up buying more crap that they do not need. 

          Maybe I should just grow up and remember that the gifts and decorations are not important but the time spent with them is what matters. Which sounds like a good idea, but the thought of that pisses me off again. Because for the past 4 years I have not seen my family on any of my kids birthdays. Its always just our kids H and maybe one friend of my oldest daughter. (I really don't know anyone that lives near me.) I know I am the one who moved away but it is still sounds unfair especially to the kids that were born after we moved. When my oldest two kids were younger we always had big parties and everyone came. For a few years we still went down to see my family but now that we have 4 kids it just doesn't happen anymore. I can't stay at any one's house due to room and a hotel is more money down the drain. I just really hate all of it, maybe I am just generally bitching about nothing.