Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Never gonna give up....

        Seeing how no one reads this page anyway I am going to talk to myself in this one. 
 I have only one month to do over 1,000 things. Sad thing is I am doing them all on my own. Yes I don't have a paying job away from home but I so get tired and burnt out really quickly, I don't know if it is the PTLS or weight gain after it but I can't do anything like I used to. I am going to have to break this really long list into weeks. 
Week #1: Rewash and tag items for consignment 
                Clean out office again!
                Find boxes
                Set  up etsy shop
                Clean out kitchen cabinets

Week #2 Plan and send out invites for ds b-day
                Buy gifts for b-day
                Start cleaning the pool (must be done by week 3)
                Paint room & dresser
Week#3 Buy new bed for ds room,set-up
              Make party decor
              Teach ds how to walk
              Pick up left over items from sale, donate 
              Buy new couch
Week#4 Clean. clean, cook, cook,cook, run, run, run and try not to hurt anyone in the process. 

*I must also lose this extra 20lbs I have carried around all year.*

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