Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I need Help!

              Yes I know your response is, "I'm not a Doctor!" I will find one of them on a later date.
  As I have stated a few times around twitter I am trying to start a handmade business, I have tried to do this a few times but never went anywhere with it. Well now I have to I jumped in head first and I do not want to drown. I am starting a party supplies type business with cards, banners, cake toppers, glassware and more. But I have no clue what to name it. I would really love your suggestions in the comments. I will try to post pictures of some items by the end of this week. Here are some things about me to give you a few ideas.

My nickname is Lou
I love cherries, strawberries, aqua, red, peace signs, hearts, sun, summer, parties, life, cars, cats.
I will be using card stock, vinyl, glassware, bins, boxes, pails. 

 That is about all I can think of right now. I am trying to pick a name by Friday. Thanks for your help!


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