Thursday, February 17, 2011


                   I am not a "Blogger" I would if anything call myself a "Twitter-er". But I do read several blogs about a large variety of things; food, vintage finds, crafting, and mommy-hood make up most of the blogs I read. I am honestly not a fan of some of the "Mom Blogs" (I quote that because some are fun and silly they talk about how a 3 year old smeared red lipstick all over the freshly painted walls and some are just pointless and have followers that think they are a gods just because a few badges on their page.) I know being a non-blogger that a lot of bs comes from freedom of speech and I am not trying to judge anyone here most of my ramblings are my failed attempted at humor. But I came across something today that just ticked me off a little too much. I know we all come from different backgrounds but I am pretty sure we all understood the word Respect in grade school.

                     I was raised to say Yes ma'am , No ma'am, please and thank you to everyone. I still do it today to complete strangers or people who may be younger than me but if they are serving me I will always be courteous.  They have that job not only to make money but to serve you, some people actually even enjoy it. When I was a teen I waited tables and loved it! I wasn't worried about smelling like pizza grease all day. I liked meting new people from different walks of life. This one time I meet a 7 year old girl whose dad was hearing impaired, she taught me more about signing and she was such an awesome little girl. She translated everything for her father even her little brothers hyper 4 year old ramblings. They became regulars it was like seeing family once a week and I already knew what they wanted. But that wasn't why I started waiting tables, it was because I had bills to pay and mommy & daddy were not going to just give me everything I wanted. I was old enough to take care of myself. Even now I am a full time SAHM I am still proud to say I can wait circles around a table. I think it helped shape who I am today. It is also kinda fun once you get the lingo down. But that is not my point here its about how shallowness brings others down, how people can speak of/to waiters, cashiers,auto mechanics, nurses and other blue collar people who bring them food, change their oil or draw their blood? Because I know those are the people that I would not want to be rude to or piss off. So instead of an ugly drama filled comment that ends in random twitter bashing I will just unfollow the blogs of shallow people and shake my head. I will also remind myself why I teach my children to be respectful and that a person is a human with a heart and feelings, they didn't ask for you to judge them because of their job or what age they had a child. I also suggest others to stick to what your grandmother should have taught you... If you can't say anything nice, say nothing at all.

              Now I have to leave this post with something less ugly for the rest of your day. 
                                                            One of our lil pups! Say Aww!

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