Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Busy Bees

Oh my! I am not even sure the weekend stopped by. We had so much going on. All last week I was busy with the final touches on Lilys pageant wear. I had wayy more to get done than I had time for. Saturday my mom came up for the pageant and Sunday I took the girls to Tannehill State Park every third weekend they have a Trade days (arts crafts and mostly junk). The pageant thing was a little crazy I am a tad sick of talking about it, but she did good, won prettiest dress. She seemed to enjoy it and said she wanted to do it again. Then Sunday I took her and Alyssa to Tannehill to ride a horse and walk around. Lily got on the horse but thats as far as she made it. Alyssa rode but it wasn't even long enough to get used to it. The rest of Sunday we all spent playing outside and laying on the floor playing with Jude. He looks so different now Pacey says he is going to look like him. I swear if Pace doesn't stop growing up and not out he will never be able to wear jeans. He isn't much shorter than Alyssa.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Monday, uhh.... Tuesday

We have tons to do today, but I am still at home....

Lets update; Well i decided to put Lily in a pageant. Not one of those crazy toddlers and tiara types, but one done by our county chamber. It is the weekend and I am still failing on a dress. I am also quite worried ab those crazy pageant moms. i gotta run but will try to update on everyone later.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Feels like fall..

This past weekend the weather was so nice we played outside everyday Jude got in the big baby swing he liked it but didn't like the sun so much, we also confirmed Lily is allergic to bug bites. A have few pics from this weekend, Pacey kept running in to watch tv..

From Drop Box

From Drop Box