Sunday, January 2, 2011

Money Saving Momma!

  Okay New Year New Me!  Yeah we have all heard that bs before! I never stick to resolutions so this isn't a resolution it is a required lifestyle change. It is required due to the fact I am so broke I can't even afford the gas to make it to the store. So I am going to change my ways by couponing and stock piling so I don't run out of  items and have to run to the local Dollar General at 9pm just to spend way 10$ on a pack of diapers. I feel like such an idiot because this time last year I spent over 100$ on diapers before BabyJ was born, I did use coupons but not to my advantage. I am not by any means great at this but I am going to give it a try, because I am very very broke, like behind on bills broke. I have a previous post on wasting $$ with coupons, and yes I still somewhat agree with that. I don't want to or plan to buy 8 things of cat food just to get 10$ back to use on things I need. I also don't care to kick a small child out of a room due to the fact I filled it with toilet paper. So I will post here once a week what I saved on things I need. Lets call it An Idiots Guide to Saving.

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