Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I survived the first day of Winter Break!... Not really

Ahhh what a day it has been! I remember being so ready for winter break when I was a kid. Lazy days of sleeping till noon staying in jams all day & watching movies all night. Then staying up as late as I could, even faking asleep when my dad came in to check on me. I always had a house full of friends, for some reason mine was the house to go to, yet the smallest of everyone I knew. I went to an upper class school but I was very messed up middle class, my mom was a medical assistant and dad was and RN in the Army. They lived together from the time i was 9 till 16 yet had divorced when I was 2. My father remarried when I was 7. It went down hill when he came back from overseas.But I am pretty close to him. My mother who wasn't really a "mom" she just made up for it by buying me everything I wanted. She was also previously married and in the divorce her ex got custody of my sister.... (not sure why). So I faked it enough to make it through school then moved out. In 2000 my mother had gastric bypass surgery and after not finding the man of her dreams she became a wino. Lost her job, her licence and I took over her car. She went rehab and fried all her brain cells. One of the many reasons I moved 125 miles away from her.

Fast forward 10 or so years. I was really looking forward to winter break mostly the sleeping in part, bc heck I stay in jams all day anyway. Well for some stupid reason the whole state got out of school last Friday, but not us. This year may kids where expected to go to school today but, uhh we didn't. After cleaning up one kids room we where all exhausted. So as always I woke up on the couch at 2 am then moved to the bed and overslept. Well for some crazy reason today started out okay until the kids dad/the man I married(ineedanameforhim) went to work. Then all hell broke loose, the baby who was happily playing in his walker started crying, the phone rang, I was stuck in a laundry pile so I couldn't find the phone. Kids started fighting over the tv. I gave up. So me and baby boy went to play in his room. Then my mother called she made a little sense until she started repeating herself. So that ended in a hang up call. After the dust settled with that I went to feed baby boy in the kitchen. Next thing I knew yelling started back within 5 minutes baby food went everywhere and I stepped on glass and had to take a shower, all 5 of us were crying. So currently my house looks like MTVs spring break. I have a cut on my foot, ears are ringing, head hurts,cans are everywhere,panties in the bathroom floor, clothes & hangers on den the floor, dishes all over the house I don't know if I will sleep tonight and if so whose bed/couch it will be on. This is only day 1 with 14 more to go! All alone no MIL, gma or ex to send them off to. Save me!

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