Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What you don't see on TV .. Part 3

            I went in to be induced on Monday the 16th. I didn't know how long it was going to take to have a baby. My grandmother who is also an RN came up to the hospital and so did the fathers sister they both lived several miles away. They put me on pitocin to induce labor but it wasn't working. The Dr broke my water and we just waited. This went on for several hours. Then I was given an epidural (I am still not sure why because I never felt a contraction). Everyone had left the hospital but my mom. Heck nothing was happening so I didn't mind. Finally the next morning the doctor came in and said if I didn't have her in 5 hours I was going to have a cesarean but I didn't want that. I was only 16 I had never had a surgery in my life and really didn't want a huge scar across what used to be my 5'1" 115lb body. I was past annoyed I hadn't ate or showered in days. I sucked on so many ice chips I had to pee but I couldn't because I had in a catheter. I also had so many monitors and IVs hooked up I couldn't get comfortable to sleep. I smelled the oddest thing it was a sour smell with a hint of barbecue. Later would I know it was the smell of a non-showered person and povidone- iodine. A nurse finally comes in and says the heart rate is dropping and we have to do something now. I was worried, What have I done was it my fault?

                        The Dr comes in and says we are going for a c-section and I freak out! I started yelling and crying. My grandmother comes in she has heard everything outside the room and she tells them I have gotten to far and it would just make things worse. Then my grandma and the doctor get in a knock out drag out in the room. She was a very patient person until that day. They went so far as to kick her off of the L&D floor. So after the smoke settled I started to push. It is nothing like what you see on TV! I didn't know I had to move more than my head. I also would not keep my legs in stirrups. I was in pain and the doctor said another rude thing "It didn't hurt getting it in there." (I am pretty sure I kicked a few people. It should have been the doctor.) But still the baby wasn't coming down and they had to use the vacuum extractor. They put it on and out popped a little baby but I never heard her cry. The nurse took the baby to the table to weigh it, I heard someone say 6lbs 12oz. Then I heard a small noise, she held the baby up for me to see then said they had to take her to another room. I was on so much medication and so exhausted I wasn't sure what had just happened. But I did hear the doctor utter the words, "babies having babies." The nurse put a bracelet on my left hand and asked who to give the other one to. I said my mom which I thought was smart seeing how she worked in the business tower there and I figured she would be around. Little did I know that was stupid.

             Everyone left the room but the father, he decided to stay and bitch at me for the bracelet thing. He walked out and I stood up to go to the bathroom, about the time to got there a nurse came in and yelled at me for standing. I looked around and saw what looked like an massacre had occurred. I freaked out and she stripped the bed and redressed me. The father of the child came in and the nurse yelled at him for leaving me alone. After that I managed to fall asleep and woke up on a different bed in a different room. I just had a baby... I don't think it had hit me yet. I was honestly hungry and very sleepy. I also hadn't held it yet. Then a knock on the door and there she was head full of dark brown hair and blue eyes. Alyssa Brooke was her name but it didn't mean anything, she wasn't named after anyone just a name that we both agreed on. I felt guilty for that. A nurse explained that she had been in for so long after my water been broken that she needed oxygen but she looks fine now. The nurse gave me a bottle and told me to feed her. Then I remembered I had never fed or changed a baby in my life! What am I doing??? Who is this tiny little person in my hands?


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