Monday, January 23, 2012

No cell phones in 2012!!

         Yes the world may have  to come to a stop because I lost my iPOSphone on Friday. I did cry and throw a few things on the floor while searching for it but I have yet to completely die from not having it. I have had a cell phone for over 14 years now and while I do tend to lose them I never have for more than a few hours. This weekend without a mobile device I discovered I have no clue what the date or time is without a phone, I do not know any ones phone number and obviously use my phone to calculate and take pictures of everything. I have no clue how I would survive if I had to carry around a calender, address book, camera, flash light, and wear a watch 24/7. Did you know they don't even have pay phones anymore?!?! I almost went crazy when I had the baby at the movies and had no clue where H was or a way to entertain the crying child. We also had our current home phone die on us and I just picked up a basic corded phone without caller id. Everyone answers the phone around out home so much nicer now but I kind of hate not knowing if we missed any calls while we are gone. I had my heart on a vintage yellow phone that had been sitting in a thrift stop for months but the day I went to buy it the seller took it back home with him. I really want to find a wall one instead of a desk top type. Maybe today is the day I will find it. I just really hope it didn't throw it in the trash while cleaning off the table that night. Maybe I should just buy this sweet phone and solve all my problems.
Crosley Phone 

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