Friday, January 13, 2012

1st post

           I hate using the title 1st post because I have done over 10 "1st post". But here is a rough draft of what you might see here. I am Lynz, wife of 1 mother of many. We just lost our home due to the economy and are starting over in a tiny little 1,400 sq ft home that needs a whole lot of TLC. I pretty much suck at any kind of bloggyland kind-of thing. I have a family blog, etsy blog and just a random sappy about me blog. But one think I think I am pretty good at is Junkin'. I don't do it because Vintage is "in" I do it because I am cheap, very cheap. I love handed down items, free stuff, kitchen things, pink, aqua, silver and anything that reminds me of being a child. So here I will post my junked items and stories of our home un-renovation because I needs a little help getting back to how it once was. Here I will post a ton of pictures, because whats a good story without photos? I will show some of my scores and things I wish I wasn't to cheap to buy. Hope you enjoy and join with Google friend connect.


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