Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moms letter to Santa


Dear Santa ,
                            Happy Christmas! I hope you have gotten plenty of rest this year. My name is Mom & I am too old to remember how old I really am. You probably don't remember me, as not many people do. I know this has been a hard year on everyone so  I wont ask for much but when I was 5 I asked for an awesome purple bike when i ran down stairs there it was. When I was 10 I just wanted my dad safe and back from Panama, he was home by spring. Many years later I asked for a baby or a bunny, by next Christmas I was expecting. So I guess I still believe in something.
                                  This year I want a few odd items that cannot be made in your workshop but maybe someone is out there listening. I would really love a day alone just to sleep past 7, take a shower with out 8 interruptions and dry my hair one day out of the year. I guess I would also add to that a night alone to go to a movie and dinner with my husband would be great. We never see each other if we do we are usually complaining about what someone else did that day. I am also not sure when the last time I had a hot meal with out cleaning up a spilled milk or getting up for another clean fork. I would also love a necklace like this for myself I never ask for gift for myself and if I do it always end up being a kitchen appliance or a dish of some sort. I would also love this awesome phone I saw on Southern plate's facebook page.  I also dig her cook book. For the rest of the crew;

                       Lyssa wants a pair of Uggs
                         Pacey needs a new bed,
                      Lily wants everything she sees,
                        Jude is very easy to please--
                           so give it your best guess.

 I hope that's not to much to ask for have a safe trip.

            PS: Hope you don't get sick from the brownies this year. (I will bake them this time)


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