Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!

I just noticed I do not have an obligatory tree post. Not sure why not seeing how we have 3 large trees inside. Thanks to a 3 year old who kept yelling "More DEC-R-ATIONS!" Until I ended up with 3 trees and more garland than Martha could shake a stick at. So here is our family tree with the kiddos first Christmas ornaments and our handmade ones from over the years.

  Note the cute little one in the pic, not the mess under the tree which are stickers his sister decided to stick on everything. Our other two trees are a white tree with colorful lights and glittery things and a vintage aluminum tree with a color wheel and blue bulbs. They are both just as nice, I am just way to lazy to find pictures of them. But for more Christmas Tree fun check out

Show Me Your Tree


  1. Beautiful! Looove the last pic you included!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Your tree looks great!! Thanks so much for linking up for the tree hop!

  3. Hi, found you on the "Tree Hop." That is one decked out tree...Love it!! I recently became a follower. I would appreciate it if you would visit my blog Rufina's Opinions And Reviews R.O.A.R and return the favor.

  4. Very cute! Great pictures! Visiting from the "Show Me Your Tree" blog hop! Merry Christmas!