Monday, November 29, 2010

Back at blogger...

I had to leave tumblr even though it was a B to do. So maybe I will post more here more often. Hopefully I can get my custom domain to work soon. Until then deal with it!
Happy Cyber Monday I am glad to say I didn't buy anything today! But if I did I would be these really cute shirts at Amy today they have free shipping on 20$ or more and a you can use the code SAVEBIG for 35% off which is a heck of a deal. They have tons of other items like invitations and stationary on their site. I picked two shirts out I may purchase this afternoon.

Baby Legs has a deal with 3 pair of leg warmers for 10$ with not shipping. I did get these on Friday. I only have one pair but they are awesome and make crawling and diaper changing easy!

That's all for today maybe I can get this page up and running correctly soon.
Thanks for the visit.

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