Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy November....

Yay, its November which means Christmas songs are on the radio. (Lets not tell anyone I have a tree up. But it is not decorated so its okay, right?) I am not trying skip Thanksgiving, but I also love Christmas and decorating for it, So why not start early? I have 1/2 of my shopping done already. I plan on not buying anything in December so I wont have that, "oh crap we are broke" moment in January. I also have to resist the urge to buy Christmas decorations. Last year I think I put some decorations up on Veterans Day. I was also nesting so that might have been why. I think I may do it because I don't want the holiday to pass me by or I don't want to have to take it all down right after I put it up.
Speaking of Holidays passing by...Halloween just flew by. October was so busy I swear I didn't sleep any of it. On the Saturday before we went to Justin's Aunts house and met up with all of the kids. Alyssa left us and went trick or treating with a cousin we had all the smaller kids. She was a lady bug, Pacey was Luigi from the Mario games. Lily was a bee and Jude was the mushroom from Mario. I made everyone's costume. I enjoyed doing it but hate that no one really saw them. We were not out long it and it was a tad cold, but I think they all had fun. That's all I have for now, Goodbye October!

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