Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waisting money with coupons.

            I am jumping on my Soap box here. I have couponed before but never saved that much, recently I started back due the the upcoming Holidays, and now I know why I stopped, Between printer ink, news papers & time spent on coupon matching I am losing more $$ and Quality time... is it all really worth it?
Yes am wasting time blogging about this but my LO is taking a nap and older ones are in school. I happily saved over 60 bucks at a Toys r Us recently and got tons of free items with coupons but after trying to find the best prices and printing coupons out I gave me more of a headache. I guess if I lived near a retail store that had good couponing policies I would save more. But the gas waste isn't worth my trip to use a one day only coupon or etc. I also feel I end up buying things I don't really need or use, my prior rule was if the store brand was cheaper then the item after coupon then I don't need it. But trying to buy 25$ in items just to get a free item or RR is starting to look like a waste and don't get me started on our local paper, it is $2.50 on Sundays and has jack crap in it. But I am going to keep it up for a month and try to only print coupons I will use I will post it all at the end of the month. I really do not see how the coupon bloggers have time for it all. A big Thank you to them. Whenever my days get long enough to do the dishes,wash laundry, take care of my Lo and the other 1,000 things I have to do in a day ,I will open up to trying to save more.

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