Sunday, June 26, 2011


    Well as many blogs are different some are  for families, crafts, giveaways, business and some are just hodgepodge I kind feel mine is great hodgepodge. No real history or depth to who I am and what I am doing. Truth is I have no clue what I am doing. I want to find a direction a purpose with this lil thing called a blog. But how does one do that? I have zero time and zero writing skills. I guess I will start with a depth to me. I have no clue who I really am anymore.

        I am a mother of four children, I am a wife and a best friend I guess that's enough for most people. I am so mixed-up mashed-up most days, I have no clue how old I am or what color my hair is that day. I have never really fit in one group, all of my friends are different which seems normal to me until I watch a show or a movie with that group of 5-6 females that are all friends and seem to know everything about each other. I have no clue what that is like kind-of scared to ever find that one out. I feel like I have seen and experienced more than I should have at my age. I was born in a small town, spent my summers on a farm but still get called "citified" due to the fact I was raised in the city, most people say I am the most un-southern person they know, and I Still  get asked where am I from when I go anywhere in the south, which is really odd to me. Because I drink the hell out of some sweet-tea, swim in the lake and wear jeans and flip flops on Christmas. But I do not own a pair of overalls always, wear shoes outside of the house and visit the dentist every six moths. Just so you know there is a big line between redneck and southern. I do not want to be "country" but I do appreciate the open fields, dirt roads and stars in the sky. I am a big do-it-yourself-er, I hate asking for help. I am as cheap as they come, not due to money but due to the fact I know how things are made and would rather make it myself. I am into any thing vintage and hate people who don't get it. I would rather drive a 1954 Ford than a new Acura or BMW any day. I am not big on family, not sure why, I have always been like this even before my mother passed away. I talk wayy to much, I takes time to get me talking but when I do I never shut up. I dislike people who take sides on things they have no clue about and now I feel like I just wrote a personals ad. So yeah... that's me in one little post. 

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