Saturday, March 5, 2011

I think I have a problem...

               Not couponing has to be what it is like to stop a drug... I have been searching the house all over for a free diapers and wipes coupon knowing after I find it I will have to drive 20 miles to Winn-Dixie. Its driving me nuts though. I also made a CVS plan 6 times but I know I am not going. I think I may need to start smoking or something, that seems to waste a lot of time for people. I need to focus on all these half done crafts but every time I start on them I think of another project to do. I may have ADD but I swear I never had it before I had my last child.

                  Speaking of my ADD and the baby boy I have to get things ready for his birthday. I have been talking about it all year and have not gotten anything done. I sent an email to a park to have it there because having it at home will stress me out to the max. I don't have time to do all the cleaning and fixing that I would want done before my family showed up at my house. I feel kind of bad wasting money to rent a park and not having one at home because everyone else has had a birthday at home and this would be his first but I guess it would be okay to try something new. The park is really cute it's by the a lake and there is indoor pluming, that's a plus. So I may do the fish theme with the lake/river reference with his his middle name being Riverson and all. I like the idea of having a goldfish snacks and nautical looking decor. I also may be driving myself crazy talking about it and not doing it. I have to book that park Monday and get invitations out this week. So I better run off and make them. 

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