Sunday, March 13, 2011

Giveaways and Fbook rant

          This week has just sucked. There are so many reasons why I can't even start to list them. One reason is that stupid social network. I started a fan page for my vinyl to post a few pictures and draw fans in. Well the low number of fans has made me insane! I have had a personal lamebook for years mostly to keep up with friends from school and family because I moved so far away. Once I had so many "friends" that I unfriended most of them because I didn't care to talk to them anyway. I never cared about numbers here or there. But I have noticed myself so sucked in to fan numbers I have even broken down over it. Maybe its because of the money I am losing in two giveaways that have only drawn in 2 people, I was so stupid to even put my stuff in them. Another thing that has beyond pissed me off is fam on facebook. I am not close with anyone in my fam but my dad and aunt. Therefore I don't do family at all. I recently deleted anyone who had ever made a stupid comment or sent me a pm about my status. Like really who takes that shit serious? I had an uncle bitch at my grandmother over a comment my aunt sent to me about the beach this summer and he doesn't even have a facebook! My husbands mother also found facebook this week. Lets just say I will not even accept my own mothers request and H said he is deleting his own fb. Its all a stupid mess over such a dumb page. I am thinking about just deleting both pages. I am too stressed for any of this mess. Thanks for reading my rant. I swear I am much sunnier over at GossipGalGifts


  1. awwww honey, that sucks. I'm sorry - for all of it. hope you are able to find a happy medium for you, whether you delete your FB, or just stop caring about the numbers - I think the numbers are deceiving anyway... sending you hugs!! xoxo

  2. I didn't know you had a fan page...I will find it and "like" it. :D

    I'm sorta an ass about my facebook page. I have friends...and only FRIENDS on my FB. My family is very specifically not on my FB (Only 2 people from my husbands family are on my FB, one is his cousin who was my friend before hubby and I were together and another cousin who I really like), most of my local acquaintances are not on my fb, only MY friends (so not the wives of hubby's friends, who I do like, but we're friends as a couple not individually) and people around the country that are my actual friends. I found having a really hard and fast rule helped.

  3. I have had a personal FB site for a while. I am picky about it. But we actually use it for family. We have a large family spread out all over and it helps. One update to everyone. Only had a couple of small incidents. And I only friend people that I am friends with. We have lived in different places and if I avoided them at the grocery story then, I don't friend them on FB now. I enjoy the personal FB much more than having the Page for my blogs.
    Hope things get better, just walk away from the FB page for a week and see how you feel then. That is what I did, I got fed up with mine also.