Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pssh-Pssh people

        Do you ever have random strangers ask you random questions? I usually answer them back with some random bs  sweet motherly comment or keep walking because I have more things to do than get stuck in a long conversation with a random stranger. 
             Here are a few of the many questions I have been asked.

Did you Have all those kids?.. (eyes wide open)
Nope! I went to the super market store and picked them all out. 
  Yes, I have 4 children and they all come from my body.

Did you plan/choose to have two boys and two girls?..
Why yes when I went to the super market doctor he asked what preference I had. So each time I said Girl, Boy, Girl, Boy lets make it even.
 I am sure You know the real answer to this question.

Where is you husband? (yes people ask this)
Who, what? I told you I bought these kids at the market why would I have a husband!?! 
  He is usually at work during the day and sleeping at night or trying to get ready for work bc he has to leave home at 4:45-5 am everyday.

Are you done?!? I honestly answer this one; Yes! cut tied and burned. 
I could never afford any more kids and am not in the mood to call TLC so I can build a bigger house. 

Where are you from? Umm here...  
For some reason people think I am not from the south? I guess if I don't sport any camo or have Alabama signs on my car so they can't tell.

How old are you? (This is when I have no kids in tow just the baby with me) Old as dirt lets see I have an 11 year old so I can buy this rated R dvd of Halloween but I have no clue of my age. Can you do math?  

Why does she talk so much? (Asked about me from those '"Pssh-Pssh" types to other random people sitting next to them)   SECRETS DON'T MAKE FRIENDS! 

     I don't really mind people asking questions because heck, how are you supposed to learn anything if you never ask anything has to be better than the "Pssh-Pssh" people.

*This post was written for Mama Kat's Writers Workshop prompt.*
 "Create an FAQ page for yourself that answers frequently asked questions if people were to frequently ask you questions. People make those up all the time. YOUR TURN!"


  1. Did you have all those kids? Really?? How obnoxious. I like the supermarket motif. That could go a long way for a lot of questions!

  2. Isn't four a little much? LOL! Isn't it confounding what people will ask or say to you when your'e pregnant or have kids with you?

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's! Nice blog (I totally understand the big mouth thing. I might have been told that, myself)!

  3. Some people are subjected to the dumbest questions. Maybe you have an invisible sign that says, "Annoy me. I love it!" and only douche canoes can read it. Probably.

    Sadly, no one asks me anything. I must present as deeply uninteresting. Sad face.